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Rose City Yarncrawl 2018 – Ramona Falls shawl

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As usual now for the past years, from January to March I jump into the Rose City Yarncrawl’s mysterious KAL, and this year 2018 was no exception, so I started the Ramona Falls shawls by Cory Ellen Boberg. ( pattern is here)

As usual, this mysterious knitting project, requires 2 skeins of fingering/sock yarn, 400m by skein and needles 2.5/3.5mm.

For this project, I picked 2 skeins, among them one that I bought in Portland, from a local dyer (that I’m such a fan of !),  Black trillium Fiber (that’s the white sparked yarn)


and I choosed to knit one of my hand-dyed yarn “Big Sur”,  sock yarn that you can find in my indie dyer shop 🙂

The Rose city yarncrawl knitting project are always quite easy to knit (and maybe that’s the problem actually?). But I have to confess that I have loooooooooved to see my colors mixing together and expressing themself on their own. That Ramona Falls shawl is quite pretty this way ! 🙂



Ramona Falls shawl is easy to knit, and I kind of let myself be busy by other things and lost count of time in my agenda….


I’ve lost track, but it was fine in the end, I catch up easily and also decided to shorten it a bit, to make sure I have some yarn left, in order to use these gorgeous colors together on another project (socks, stripes on a sweater ? I don’t know yet but I already love it and know it’sgoing to be gorgeous !)

So here are some photos taken today of this Ramona Falls shawl, I had to go out and enjoy a bit of a winter temperature break !

There is a pretty fall near chateau de Sailhant  was the perfect place to take these photos, since Ramona Falls shawl has been inspired by water falls and water in general 🙂

What you will not see it the photo of me sliding and falling on the tree roots and moss near the water. You know me pretty well, it was obvious this will happen at some point, landing not controlled at all 🙂

I just can’t wait for next year and another MKAL with my portland friends !

I really like this Ramona Falls shawl, I can’t wait to see the other project of this event !



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