• A kit to knit IANIRA socks

  • I'm glad to launch a new project today : a collaboration with French pattern designer LeTiPanda ! This pattern will be released only in French, I know it's frustrating for you guys, but please, if you are a designer, and willing to create a collaboration, please  contact me LeTiPanda, from In a pa[...]
  • A crochet card wallet made with star stitch

  • I could show you my card wallet, but I'm ashamed because it is so ruined and so old. But on the good side of the story, it's been 5 or 6 years I owned it already ! Knowing that it cost me 3 euros, I think it was a good investment ! :) Now is time to make one to replace that very old card wallet. [...]
  • Let's meet & knit, my travels in France this summer

  • As you know, I'm a French wedding photographer, based in Auvergne, a central area in France, but traveling everwhere for weddings (not only France) My wedding season has already started and this year, I'm going to drive all around France to take photos of weddings. And so I thought, that could be [...]
  • An improvisation of stripes, and a designer dream

  • It's been a while I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone and create a pattern. And I needed some stripes in my life too :) Thinking about it, last year, at that exact same time, I still barely could follow a pattern, and was improvising knittings and crochet things (but most of all : alwa[...]
  • Yarnbombing in Clermont-Ferrand for an association

  • Next week, it's going to be a year I've settled down in Clermont-Ferrand. One of the first things I've done after mooving here was to contact the charity organisation "Les Petits Frères des Pauvres" in Clermont-Ferrand. This association is special to me and means a lot for many reasons. I've alre[...]
New Sock yarn : pareo, perroquet, cardamome, gloss, jungle light and nectarine
  • Patriot socks

  • Knitting patriot socks ? That's easy ! All I needed was a skein of my hand-dyed sock yarn "Ze patriot" :) 464 yards for 100g, and I had some yarn left after this pair of socks, so it will be used for patriot stripes ! :) I recently told you about Tipanda 's project with  #les12petonsduHerrgener[...]
New colors of yarn in store !
  • New colors of yarn in store !

  • I dye yarn, and I love it ! Here is my new mini collection, just added to my online shop where you'll find plenty of different hand-dyed yarn. I thought I should introduce you to some of my new skeins :) Several colors, and size of skein also (100g and 50g) in case you feel like stripes ! :) Alp[...]
  • My knitted SLICE cowl

  • Improvising something when knitting : it's been a while I havn't done it. And this time, I wanted to create a cowl So I've decided to use my  "Lemon Pie" yarn At first, I thought I would knit leg warmers, like aerobic vintage superstars, but then I thought that there were fe chances I ever wea[...]
  • Spider socks to protect you

  • Have you heard about  #Les12petonsduHerrGeneral ? It has been launched by  Le ti panda on Ravelry. This is a a challenge to knit 12 pair of socks in a year, starting this March. And I've decided to try this ! I have dyed plenty of sock yarn (available at my online store ) and that will be a good[...]
  • That's a Bo bonnet !

  • Pun intended for this improvisation of a hat, named "Bo bonnet". (Beau in French means "pretty", and "bonnet" being the word for Hat) Here is how I made it : Material required: Double poined needles (I used Addi needles - size 11 ) Stitch marker 1 skein of Chunky Yarn Woola Oops (I used[...]