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My amazing peacock shawl !

This peacock shawl has been haunting me for a long while now, obessing me could even be the correct word.

When I first saw this pattern, I immediately felt in love with it, and had a urge to have this on my shoulders and wear it.

I bought the  pattern on Ravelry after a little while, but I knew I couldn’t knit it right away: this shawl sounded like a huge challenge and an incredible piece of work (and focus), so I had to put that project on hold.

Beginning my wedding photography season soon, I just could see how I’ll find enough time to knit this, knowing that I’ll be driving all around France this summer, but also, that I wanted to dye the perfect color I had in mind for this project.

So that’s in the end of the summer that I finally managed to dye and create that color (some others are available in my yarnshop)


And I’ve picked a yarn made of 50% merino and 50% alpaca

And hold on my patience and started knitting it ! 🙂


once the 2 first series of lace knitted, this shawl is divided in several « feathers » of lace stitch, so it’s kind of a routine.


Even if it means to be really focused when knitting, the lace pattern soon became like a music in my head, and made more sense, and so required less focus… (easy to say that later on) 😉

How wonderful it was to see this pattern grow on my needles, and discover the first « eyes » of the peacock feather




And then , the last yarnball I’ll use for this peacock shawl  🙂


This shawl was really an obsession, and getting closer to the end of it, I realised that if I wanted to finish it and parade with it at my next spinning meetup with my friends, (the very next Thursday), I had to be done with it very quickly, because blocking that shawl would take forever.

The lace pattern really required some attention when blocking and deserved also to be treated and made the way it was supposed to look : complex but beautiful !

I had to hike all day on Sunday, so I found myself, on a Saturday morning, with 29 rows left to knit (545 stitches each!), wondering if I could finish that peacock shawl by the end of the day. I actually didn’t want to take the risk to finish it on Monday, and then not have enough time to block it and have it dry before my meeting on Thursday.

(yeah, that’s the kind of pressure I put on myself sometimes… or maybe just a obsessive need to reach that goal and wear that gorgeous shawl ?) 🙂

So I sat on my sofa at 7am, and knit….all day… except for vital needs (I barely had lunch actually).

I thought I would be done by early evening, but I forget tiredness… and my hands starting to hurt.

I believe it’s also part of that love story I’m starting with this shawl : how dedicated and passionate I’ve been to create it : I finished it at 2am, missing part of my brain with exhaustment, but such a proud feeling of achievement too !)


Definitely more proud than an huge herd of peacocks ! 🙂

That very exciting moment when you knit the very last stitch 🙂


When starting this peacock shawl, I had doubt about its amplitude and even suspected the photo on the pattern to be cheating (like : it’s a kid and not a grown up, that’s why it looks so big). But now I know that it isn’t :

1500 yards of yarn, and once it was done, I understood how, with lace, it can make my knitting so big and wide.

This shawl is extraordinarily wide, I definitely can parade like a peacock with it ! 🙂

To give you an idea about how big it is : my sofa bed wasn’t big enough to block it when wide opened. I had to use 2 blox of pins to block it and cheat with pinning it on the side of the mattress to save some space… that’s a lot ! 🙂


That’s how great it it !

 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

And here I am, then, proud like a peacock !

I really wanted to take photos of it that gives enough credit to how wonderful this knitting is, how a challenge it has been to achieve it and how gorgeous it looks now !

This time, I really didn’t want to ask a friend to pose with it for the photos of my blog, because this is, to me, the biggest knitting challenge of my year 2016, and I am so so soooooooo happy with it (despite little mistakes I’ve made here and there on the pattern) 🙂

Weather was quite cold when I did these photos (almost freezing), but I really had fun with this mini photo session.

Hope you’l enjoy this… here we go !


I ADOREEEEEEEE my Peacock shawl !

And I think it’s going to be tough now to find another project that gets me so excited with it.

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    28/10/2016 at 10:12

    Great beautiful work!

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    12/11/2016 at 8:05

    This is fantastically beautiful! Well done!

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