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Yarnbombing – my knitted bike

This was published on my photographer’s blog, but it’s time to moove it here 🙂

Britney used to sing it (she may own a bike), and so am I  Oops, I did it again ! And this time, it’s  my own bike, knitted, and I intend to keep it for a while 🙂

Knitting a bike requires a bit of thinking, if you want it to look really good, but most of all, it requires : a bike ! :)So here we go… I found this old Peugeot bike, quite a vintage one, and I have to admit it was good looking even before I took the yarn out ! 🙂


My bike good small-20

My bike good small-4My bike good small-5

My bike good small-6

My bike good small-7My bike good small-11

My bike good small-12

and here we go, after several hours knitting (crochet), and a bunch of colors : oops, I did it again ! 🙂

sorry Poulidor, I’m not quite sure you’ll enjoy it, but at least, it made me laugh a lot 🙂

My bike good small-24

My bike good small-25

My bike good small-26

My bike good small-27

My bike good small-29

My bike good small-30

My bike good small-31

My bike good small-36

Did you like it ? 🙂

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