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yarnbombing a Fiat 500

Yes yes yes YESSSSSSSSS, I did crochet and knit a car ! 🙂
Yarnbombing it inside and outside (yeah, just in case any of you would have asked « what about inside of the car ? I did it !) 🙂
So it’s been now 2 years I’ve discovered Yarnbombing and I love it.
After a bike and then a camera, and then another bike, and several other little things, here is my last creation : a FIAT 500 !
(this post was at first published on my photographer blog, in July 2014) – you can see my former yarnbombing projects here
If you are, just like me, a little bit of a geek, here are some statistics :
– Length of string knitted : 21 km (13 miles)
– Amount of skeins : about 185 (50 grams each)
– Amount of time spent (knitting, taking photos, adjusting, sewing, and mesuring) : about 400 hours. I’ve started in early December 2013, and finished just today (27th of July), and needed several breaks because of :
—> amount of tendinitis I was very closed to suffer from : 3 almost 4 🙂
– Sponsor and partnership for this : none….
Which is actually quite a good thing, because now I know which French yarn I just don’t want to buy anymore, regarding the quality of what I’ve been knitting, cheap price and cheap yarn, but still…. I’m glad I’m « only » knitting on objects and not for people… yeah yeah, you may know which brand I’m talking about…
But anyway, if you’re a company and you are interested in using this knitted thing for a FIAT 500, please contact me ! 🙂
and so… now, you want to see it, right ???  🙂 🙂 🙂  HERE IT IS 🙂
Stripes stripes stripes, and white stripes most of all 🙂 Sometimes with a cat, with a rubber measure tape ducky, and sometimes even with marshmallow bear because I’ve needed a lot of patience to finalise this 🙂
 And then, I had the idea to knit a copyright thing instead of a licence plate 🙂
plaque d'immatriculation tricot
And then it was time for a fitting test…

and that’s when I’ve met a gorilla 😀
(and of course, I wanted to knit him a bikini top) 🙂

voiture tricotée - gorille - yarnbombed car
And here it is, finally, I’m done ! I just can’t believe I did this ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)Voilà  !!!! 🙂
Voiture tricotée - FIAT 500 - knitted car
voiture tricotée - yarnbombed car
Voiture tricotée - FIAT 500 - knitted car
Voiture tricotée - FIAT 500 - knitted car

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

But now that I’m done, I just Wonder what’s next ?

What would you dream to see knitted?

Would you like to join me for some silly knitting project ?

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