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Yarnbombing exhibition, and knitting meetup in Cantal

If you follow me on  Instagram (and Facebook) you already know that I’ve been working on a huge yarnbombing project since last December, for the garden of the ecomuseum in  Ruynes en Margeride, dans le Cantal.

For the exhibition « Le Jardin aux 1000 couleurs  » (thousands colors garden), the entire garden as been covered with yarnbombing, and as fiber artist and yarnbombing expert, I’ve been given a massive zone to cover with my creation. That’s what I’ve been working on since last December.

I’ll show you more about it in my next blogpost (but if you’re curious, check my  instagram) 🙂

The exhibition takes place from June 9th until September 30th 2017

If you intend to come, please print this invitation to get a free entrance (otherwise it’s 4€)

The official opening will take place on June 9th at noon, and you are all invited, and I suggest that afterthat, we stay in the garden and enjoy the place, knitting and relaxing on the lawns and benches there (hopefully the weather will be nice)

Bring a snack, a cake or whatever you like to share, and let’s knit and crochet to

It will be for me, FINALLY a chance to crochet and knit something else than acrylic fiber !

The address is easy : Jardin de l’Eco-musée, in Ruynes en Margeride (Cantal).

Come whenever you want starting from noon, and until 8pm.

I’ve created a  Facebook event here

See you soon !!!


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