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My temperature blanket (in crochet)

It’s been a while I’m seeing temperature blankets everywhere on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and I loved that project right away. But I needed time to start working on this, and patience too.

If you havn’t heard about it before, here is the idea :

  • Everyday, you write down the temperature outside (at the time you prefer or when you think about it)
  • Create a color range for a range of temperature (here is mine)
  • and then, knit or crochet a row each day, with the color of the matching temperature

After spending hours on the internet, looking at temperature blankets and different ways people made them (but also after staring at my huge yarn stock for a while), I’ve decided I’ll make my temperature blanket in grannies… One granny of 3 rows for each day with a white border and sewing it together little y little.


I’ve missed a few days during the year, so I had less than 365 to crochet.

and since I apparently don’t know how to count, my blanket is not really even, and I had an incomplete row.

I’ve decided to knit the last grannies to make them reach the first one, so instead of going up, they go on the side to the beginning, and finished the missing space with white grannies.

In total, my blanket is 20 by 17 grannies.


Assembling together, even at the end of each granny, was quite a pain… so much so little.

As for the yarn used for my temperature blanket, I’ve decided to crochet my precious fibers, collected through my travels….

So this blanket is made of merino (in white), but also mainly of merino and silk (the pink/purple ones, who where a dyeing test before I open my  shop on line. I also have yak and silk (the pale green), a bit of cashmere and merino (dark purple) and another one with a bit of mohair in it.

That’s a very soft blanket, and a precious one too. The great thing about this temperature blanket : it helped a lot to empty my personal yarn stock ! 🙂 (yeahhhhh !)


and because the idea of a temperature blanket was great, I’ve decided to make it even greater : a Birthday temperature blanket. I’ve decided to crochet the temperature from my 37th birthday until the day before my 38th birthday.

That’s then a blanket that represents my year, and it’s fun, because, since I’m also a  wedding photographer in France, I’ve traveled a lot around France last summer (in Brittany, Beaujolais), but I’ve also mooved from Clermont-Ferrand to a much smaller town in the country side : I can definitely see the temperature difference !

It makes this temperature blanket even more special to me 🙂



I have to confess though, that I found it quite long to make… After the 3/4 was made, I’ve started to be a bit sick of it But patience and hardwork was worth it…. and the winter cold coming helped me too ! 🙂


Once I’ve finished it, I crochet a cute border (5 double crochet in a stich, then jump the next stitch and crochet 5 double crochet in the 3rd stitch)


It’s the perfect size : 1m55 by 1m35 an it’s perfect to watch TV staying warm, or stay in bed being lazy 🙂

Note to self for the next time : be careful to have matching colors and harmonious ones. Even if I love the final project, I regret a bit my choice for the blue and the dark blue….

La voilà entière 🙂

My favorite granny ?  ?

The rebel granny : the one from a very hot day this summer… the only orange granny in the entire temperature blanket ! 🙂

yep, I love my temperature blanket 🙂

I loved so much that project and the idea of it, that I really consider making a new one for my 38th birthday year (I’m born in December)

But I won’t wait the end of the year to start crocheting it though…

But I need to find another way to create that temperature blanket. As much as the granny technique looks good, really, I don’t want, right now, to go through this again… maybe a row each day, or a granny for each week or month ?

What do you think ? Any suggestions ?


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    Bev Charman
    14/01/2017 at 11:39

    I love the way you did this… I started a temperature blanket around the 7th of january… I got caught up to yesterday… did 240 ch… then 3dc in a ch and sk 2 all the way across…. I live in bc so I don’t have a whole lot of colour in it as our temperatures are about 1-4 C with the occasional 0 and below… and one 5-8 C… but am loving it.. only problem being I think my blanket may end up being about 12 feet so may do 2… jan-june… then july-dec. will decide when I see how big it is getting by june… I may do the grannies if I do it again… I like teh way yours looks

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