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Spider socks !

So I wandered on Ravelry, looking for patterns (check my group if you want to learn more about this))

Until I found this spider socks pattern ! !

Between Spiderman and Batman, I love and by very very far, much more BATMAN.

But well, in the list of insects, spiders are also the ones that scares me the least (except the ones with hairy legs !)

I dont know about you, but when I’m on Ravelry checking patterns, I keep looking until I find that one pattern that makes me think of some yarn I have in my stash. Like a perfect match.

And that spider socks pattern made me immediately think about my  « Lichen » sock yarn

Présentation - Lichen

I’ve made the mistake (and it’s not the first time) to start knitting this without reading it at first, but also to start it when I was with friends, at a knitting meeting.

BE AWARE that this pattern requirs quite a lot of focus, and patience too, you’d better read it before starting it, to make sure you know what’s ahead of you


I didn’t understand everything in there, so I’ve decided it to do this pattern my way : There was supposed to be one big spider in front of the sock, and then underneath (on top of the foot) 3 little ones.

I’ve decided to put only one big spider, and put it in the back.

and it’s nice to knit beause you get to see your spider appear on your needles at each rows (and I’m not even scared by it)


Spider socks - small

Spider socks - small-3

and as usual, knitting the 2nd sock is always a challenge.

Spider socks - small-5

and to be honest, I’ve messed up so much with the 1st one (it’s full of little mistakes), that I really considered to knit just one, and maybe the second with cables only….

but I was too proud for that, and also, focusing on the positive aspect of things, I realised that with such a terrible sock, the 2nd one could only be better. 🙂

and I also wanted this to count as my 1st pair of socks for that challenge  #Les12petonsduHerrGeneral


Spider socks - small-8

And here they are on my feet ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Spider socks - small-9 Spider socks - small-12 Spider socks - small-11

Watchout now, I’ve got spiders on my feet !


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