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A pretty Fiery salsa shawl

I needed an easy thing to knit before starting a bigger project I had in mind. Easy, well, it depends on your level but for me, that Fiery salsa shawl was easy to knit, and a good way to keep busy before I had enough time and attention to focus on knitting a complex shawl (peacock shawl… will be published on the blog next)


Fiery Salsa shawl is an free pattern on Ravelry.

When hearing the word Salsa, all I think about it the sauce I’ll put on my tacos, not thinking about the dance at all. So even if the original shawl knitted in this pattern was in red, I visualised mine being green : Salsa verde ! 🙂

To knit this shawl, I used my hand-dyed sockyarn Woola Oops, color « Flying carpet »  :


What’s interesting with this Fiery Salsa shawl is that it’s knitted from down to top : starting right away with 423 stitches and a lace pattern.

It requires all your patience from the beginning, but the good thing about it : it’s a different rythm from the usual shawl I’ve knitted before, and also : since you start by the most difficult part, then once you’re done with that, you can bring it with you wherever (and for me that was : everywhere during my last weddings I had to take photos of, everywhere around France).

In Quiberon, in Brittany, while on an improvised picnic with another knitter friend :


and then in Grenoble (French Alps), to fight against stress before one of the very last wedding…


and then, once back home, taking a break in nature 🙂

From where I knit ☺ —- Difficile de bosser de chez soi, et garder la forme. surtout quand on se trouve déjà bp trop de kg Du coup ce matin je me suis boostee en emmenant le tricot avec moi histoire d aviir la recompense pendant la pause. ça fait un bien fou….je vais pouvoir retourner bosser dans ma grotte maintenant! 🙂 —– it s tough to work from home when you already feel you need to loose weight. so this morning i took a walk here and took my knitting with me as a special treat for reaching my goal. it feels great and i am niw more than ready to go back home and work work work ☺ #knitting #selfemployement #autoentrepreneur #cantal #hiking #rando #france #tricot #artisan #jsuispasgrosse #indiedyer #blogovergnate #auvergne #fromwhereiknit

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The last stitch, the one I love best, and that suspense, wondering how it’s finally going to look like, and what amplitude it will have, especially when lace is finally blocked.



Blocking was easy at last, because that Fiery salsa shawl was made with a sock yarn, pretty thin


And here is how it looks like, once finished ! 🙂

I took these photos while hiking last week-end


fiery-salsa-shawl-small fiery-salsa-shawl-small-4 fiery-salsa-shawl-small-8 fiery-salsa-shawl-small-2 fiery-salsa-shawl-small-6

I really love this Fiery Salsa shawl, because in just one skein of yarn, it sums up the end of my summer 2016 🙂

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