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Massive yarnbombing in an ecomuseum in Cantal (central France)

I thought yarnbombing a  Fiat 500 , in 2014 was a big challenge, but this yarnbombing at the garden of the ecomuseum in Ruynes en Margeride (in Cantal, central France),  turns out to be and from very very very far, an even more complex and tough challenge to reach.

Intense you said ?


Still a bit new in this part of France (I arrived in Auvergne, the central part of France 2 years ago, and in Cantal only last summer, I’ve learnt about this project thanks to serendipity, when going a a new knitting group, and at time where the organisers had already launched the project but were still looking for an artist to create the central part of the garden.

Other small areas of the garden, below the tower and behind and around the walls were given to all the knitting groups or elderly houses in the area of St Flour, the city near Ruynes en Margeride (but you won’t see any of these parts in here).

and for me, the main space, the massive one… and that was a huge challenge !

Where it took me 11 miles of yarn in 8 months to knit my FIAT 500, this time, I would knit 32 miles of yarn in 6 months (actually a bit less, because I had to create the project and most of all : install it !) 🙂

but this, I didn’t know it yet 🙂

So of course, when I first visited the place, in december 2016, when meeting the organizers of the event, and discovered this :

I freaked out ! 🙂

Totally aware of the huge amount of work it represents, but also of the direct impact on my life (and health) for the next 6 months : big stress, and lots of pressure !

But at last, someone wanted to commission me for a yarnbombing project.

AT LASSSSSST !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

so, as you’ve guessed, I felt like happy dancing, then totally freaked out with stress, then happy dancing again, because that place is gorgeous even in winter ! 🙂

in total I had 6 months, to create and install it.

My mission in this project was also to manage each week from January to May 2017, a 2 hours yarnbombing workshop at the community center in St Flour. (without really knowing the amount of people there and their skills in knitting).


So here is the results, and after that, I’ll tell you more about this project 🙂



44 miles of yarn (12 of them where knitted by the community center)

and 500 spiders

and, miracle : no tendinitis !

(thanks to gauteria essential oils, recommended by a friend !)

🙂 🙂 🙂

This has been an intense, very very very intense work of knitting and crocheting since last December.

And as I often say : some people run marathons, I recover things with knitting and crochet and that’s also quite a piece of work and stress 🙂

This area was so huge (the red knitted woodboxes were 59 feet long !), that I’ve decided to dived the area in smaller color zone, to motivate myself, during these 6 months, but also to create specific color area.

Meters and meters of wood boxes, and I’ve decided to give the central square ones to the community center.

To give you an idea : each square wood garden was 2 meters long (6.6 feet), and there were 20 of them (so it’s 524 feet of knitting to plan !)

Theses square are the memories of funny knitting meetings, intense conversation, and knowledge sharing… Thanks a lot for contributing to this part of my creation ! 🙂

The idea of me was to enhance the place, and honor it too, and if I could make people smile, my mission will be done.

Cover a tree with yarn, yes, but I’m always looking for consistency in my projects, and harmony also of course. It is mandatory ! (at least I know why I am a photographer ) 🙂

The place is o big, that I wanted to add color touch horizontally and vertically in it too.

These walls are so old and beautiful !

The theme of the exhibition this summer was « string », so of course, I thought about :

SPIDERS of course ! 🙂

So I’ve covered 500 balls with crochet, and glued them silly eyes and legs (and laughed at all of them when staring their weird look 😀 )



The Toiletts keeper 🙂

and small ones hidden everywhere here and there…

and then the queen, my big MasterQueen spider 🙂

That one made a huge success at the opening of the place yesterday, and I’m very happy because I was worried it scared people, especially kids 🙂


And of course, talking about spiders, I don’t congrats my small assistant with moustache for her help when creating these  😀


That tree in the middle has been covered with knitting since


and of course, installing !

Between the weather not so nice, unsuspected sunburns, and the huge amount of sewing and tying crocheting things together ahead, that part was probably the more stressful one because time was counted !

Installing the 1st zone, and noticing that it look exactly like what I had in mind.

What a relief ! (and extase !) 🙂

I may have a huge crazy silly amount of ideas in my head, but sometimes, I can create them and they look nice 🙂

1ere session d'installation du big projet de #yarnbombing sur lequel je travaille depuis decembre. Voilà environ 1/20e…

Publié par WOOLA OOPS sur mercredi 26 avril 2017

and thanks to the help of a few friends, and the talent of the gardener of the place (thanks a lot Yves), everything was ready for the big opening, yesterday (June 9th 2017).

If you happen to be in central France this summer, check it, here’s the address :

Jardin de l’Ecomusée

15320 Ruynes en Margeride


A huge thank you to the organisers of the event, for this beautiful initiative, thanks Alexandra, Claudie, Sylvain, Marie-Thérèse for your help installing everything, and thanks to my friends, who survived these past 6 months, dealing with me and my stress, my frustration, and my cancelations, sometimes at the last minute, to any kind of social life because « in the end I’m late with work, I need to keep working on my woodbox »…

That version was also available with « spiders », and « my trees » 🙁


So what’s next now ?

After 6 months to knit acrylic fiber, I can AT LAST be back and knit my precious fibers,  hand-dyed yarn, and jump back into alpaga, silk, camel, merinos and cachemir 🙂

At least until the next yarnbombing project


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