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My Lilli Pilli wrap

Do you know Ambah Obrien  ? She’s an australian knitwear designer.

I already knit one of her creation, my Merinda Shawl and even then, already had my eyes on her Lilli Pilli wrap

That was, for me, a summer project to make, in shiny and bright summer colors, but, most important : something easy enough to work on, while having a very busy summer, being a wedding photographer all around France (and barely having time to knit).

So I’ve picked these 3 colors, all from my indiedyer online shop

Cardamome :

Présentation - Cardamome

Fleur de tilleul :

Présentation - fleur de tilleul

and Menthe glaciale :

Présentation - Menthe glaciale

In total, it took me about a month to knit this Lilli Pilli wrap (but with about 3 weeks without touching my needles at all, being too busy with weddings and driving all around France for it)

So here are some photos of this knitting process 🙂

In Brittany, taking a day off, hiking around, in between 2 intense wedding days, and about 1400 miles driven 🙂

And then, finally, DONE ! 🙂

Lilli Pilli - Good small-9 Lilli Pilli - Good small-5 Lilli Pilli - Good small-6 Lilli Pilli - Good small-7 Lilli Pilli - Good small-8

Of course, someone get curious 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lilli Pilli - Good small-29

Lilli Pilli - Good small-45

Lilli Pilli - Good small-51

I think it matches quit greatly with Auvergne summer landscape, don’t you think ?


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