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Lace hearts for a little girl

 I had a crush on « Dreamy Valentine » by Ambah O’Brien. It is made of lace hearts and was the perfect gift for a little girl I know. She felt in love with my   peacock shawl and wanted me to knit her one.

Since I was also trying to find a pattern to knit soe of my « Loup Yetu » hand-dyed color (avalaible at my online store) that seemed to be the perfect combo. 🙂

So I’ve decided to start knitting this serie of lace hearts, as a surprise gift for her.

This pattern is lovely because it is created in different size. For a 7 year old girl I’ve decided to stop at the smallest size, and so I’ve used just a bit more than a skein for it.

Easy and fast  to knit !

The lace hearts pattern is repeated several times and so the knitting becomes quickly hypnotic 🙂

As for blocking it,  it was perfect : seems we’re having a heatwave in central France these days, I’ve finished knittingit at 1am and blocked it right away. When I woke up the next morning, it was all dry and ready to be wore.

Lovely !


And it comes up very nicely, I’m very happy with the result (blocking was mandatory, it looks so much better)

I gave it to my friends for her daughter, and she told me later on that she loved it so much that she decided to sleep with it !

I guess there is a little girl who can now play little red hood with her lace hearts shawl 🙂

and a happy knitter for this reason



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