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Knitting a mohair thong, to make this world more chill

If you havn’t heard about the mohair thong story, check here for a sum up

After spending so much time laughing about it, that mohair thong story came back in our conversation in October last year, and I even decided to launch another KAL for it, so that new friends could laugh at it while knitting.

And then, the news and terrorists attacks in Paris in November messed up with our mood and will to laugh at things 🙁

I still laugh at the idea of mohair thong, but just didn’t feel comfortable to laugh too hard, or post on that blog some silly project.

Too much sadness, too much anger, it wasn’t the right time to laugh, although it may have been the time we needed the most, but well…

I postponed several times that post on the blog, hoping for a better time where the world would be more opened to la good laugh, but well, it seems that every day now, some terrorist attach happen somewhere.

So let’s laugh a little bit, can we ? 🙂

A mohair thong, REALLY ?


Yes… but, NOOOOO ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yes, I knitted a mohair thong (actually several of them), but NO, I don’t intend to wear them.

Its only purpose is to make us laugh, to make YOU laugh.

Laugh at that uncomfortable vision and feeling of the mohair, of the thong

YUK… you know what I mean, right ?

🙂 🙂 🙂  silly 🙂 🙂 🙂

and these days, that’s what I needed : a good laugh… and a provacation too.

Because these days, between 2 terrorists attacks, some mean people wants to lower women’s right, some governments lower our rights and freedoms too, and violence is everywhere…

I believe being futile, pointless and silly is the antidote to the actual gloominess everywhere.

So let’s do it for as long as we are still allowed to do it !


A mohair thong, why ?

Because thongs are a women’s thing (in my world at least), it’s sexy 😉

Because mohair is itchy and sometimes annoying

but also because really, you don’t expect something so pointless such as a mohair thong, to create such a repulsive reaction, but it would (if you wear it, right?) 🙂

and that’s actually, for me, the best answer to this terrorist actions…

provoquing them with my freedom, my sexyness, my silliness, by creating the most pointless accessorie ever, that will, in just few stitches, make you laugh and react.

Our French motto goes

Freedom, Equality and brotherhood

(I’ll add )


Mohair thong !


So that’s the pattern I’ve followed 

And as for the yarn, I’ve picked in my yarn treasure box and found some metalic blue mohair from  La Droguerie, a skein of Ice Yarn, and a red mohair from Lang Yarns Odeon


 String en mohair - GOOD small-2

Easy to knit, it took me just a day !

but just so you know, if like me, you don’t read the pattern before you start : it required also a bit of crochet to join both sides of the thong) 🙂

Now you know


 String en mohair - GOOD small-3

String en mohair - GOOD small-4

String en mohair - GOOD small-6

String en mohair - GOOD small-8

String en mohair - GOOD small-9

And here is my new mohair thong !


Of course, the colors I’ve picked are the ones of the French flag, like a provocation to all of those who wants us to stop laughing, being sexy, futile ! 🙂

Long live the mohair thong !


String en mohair - GOOD small-12

String en mohair - GOOD small-14

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