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Jekyll and Hyde in a shawl

I’ve told myself a hundred times I’m done knitting shawls, but then my Instagram feed tempted me for another one.

You know that time when everybody around you seems to be part of a kal and you’re not ? Yep, that’s it (and I already feel the same about 2 other patterns ! grrr) 🙂

So I’ve seen plenty of my Instagram friends, knitting for #KalJekyllHyde launched by Carofoliz.

and I couldn’t resist this time, especially since after checking my treasure box full of yarn, I’ve found the perfect colors for this pattern.

And that’s how I’ve joined the crowd and knitted the Jekyll and Hyde shawl (this is a free pattern available on « La Maison Tricotée« ).

The yarn I’ve choosed for this is from my own shop, hand-dyed :  « Orage » (la grise)

and the red and gray shiny with silk is from  Lilou


The idea with this pattern is that Jekyll (in gray) is here, but the bad Hyde will be more and more part of the pattrn too.

Reading this pattern, it was obvious that I’ll need more gray (for Hyde) than red, and indeed, I’ve used more than one skein to finish it (grrr !) 🙁

But I like my color choice, and how, in some way, the bad guy Hyde feels like a bloody knitting part 🙂

Beside this, this Jekyll and Hyde shawl is quite easy to knit (maybe TOO easy ?), I felt frustrated, because these last months I’ve knitted some very complex and tough project, and this one was, well… easy, and boring.

But the good side of it is that I was abble to take it with me everywhere I go


At the Chenonceau castle, while on a roadtrip 🙂


While hiking in altitude, surprised by the snow, thinking we wouldn’t find any left up there 🙂



or just relaxing in a new paradise I’ve found near my home 🙂



Are you wondering how it looks like, once finished  ? Here it is !

I like it, but to be honest, I’ve knitted other shawls that I love so so sooooooo much more, that I don’t really know what I’m going to do with this one. I’m not proud of it enough to give it to someone either, so although I really love its colors, I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it


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