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Fight the cold with fightin’ words mittens

Fightin’words mittens from Annie Watts are perfect to fight the cold.

With a superhero mood, it was exactly the project I needed after I knit my Wonderwoman wrap !

This project also allowed me to finish my leftover yarn from the wonderwoman wrap, so that was really the best combo ever !

So in total, for these 2 projects, I just used 2 skeins of my hand-dyed yarn :

  • 1 skein of Wonder red (75% superwash merino 20% nylon and  5% silver stellia )
  • and another one of Wonder yellow (75% superwash merino, and 25% de nylon)



What’s next, you can guess, it’s about 2 pairs of double  pointed needles : size 1 or 2 for the border and size 3 for the rest of it.

Knitting continental makes the intarsia work pretty easy to work on : one color on each hand and let’s goooooooooooooo !


A bit of focus and patience, and trying to remember to not knit 2 left hand mittens (to make sure you have the words on the back of your hand, not on the inside)


I was already in love with the way it looked at the end of the first mitten, even if, indeed, blocking was mandatory later on.

It took me 2 days for each mitten to be knitted, so quite fast !

(I needed to focus on it, so couldn’t knit that at night or when my silly kitten thought I was a good trampoline to play on).

So here they are, after blocking, ready to fight the cold, with my Wonderwoman wrap.

Thank you to my friend Laurence whose hands are photographed in here.

Once again, this project was more impressive than difficult to knit.


Are you ready to fight the cold ?


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