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Tiger eye scarf

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Through time, I’ve been more and more fond of knitting lace  project : it’s transparent, light, and great to wear. No surprise then that I felt in love with that Tiger eye scarf (yes, ze eyes of ze tiger! ):) (you’ll find the pattern here).

It’s easy to knit, but requires a lot of focus though.

I didn’t really understand why it’s named this way : tiger eye scarf, because I saw more of a fox face than tiger eye, but well, does it really matter ? 🙂

I repeated to pattern 25 times in total, and trust blocking your work to make it look pretty. Before blocking it looks a bit weird.

I choosed  a skein of “Mapple” hand -dyed yarn,  (available here), in 75% superwash merinos, 20% nylon and 5 % stellia

Needles size 3,5mm, and a bit of patience later, controled by my mini inspector, here is how my tiger eye scarf looks :


It’s very light, thin, and quite long after being blocked. I doubled  it around my neck to keep me warm and it was perfet.

I really like that tiger eye scarf !




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