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Quicksilver shawl by Mélanie Berg

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Mélanie Berg, aka Maylind, a knitting designer, released recently an awesome book, with a bunch of her patterns. And in that book, I found the Quicksilver shawl (you can also find it in Ravelry here)


Quite easy to knit, especially if you already know a bit about short rows, I can even say that it’s actually way too easy for me… it felt like it took me forever to knit this project, although I knitted it in DK yarn.

For this project, I’ve chosen 3 colors in DK, and needles n° 5mm.

The yarn I used is hand-dyed, and available in this crazy yarnporn shop online :

“Sécheresse”, “Napoli”, and “Sicile” are the color names 🙂


Quicksilver pattern is easy and repeats itself : stockinette stitch here, yarn over there, short rows here switch colors there, and here we go, you end up with a shawl on your shoulders 🙂

Quicksilver shawl is totally the kind of project you can take with you at a knit night, to stitch and bitch with your friends 🙂 Although indeed, if you knit it with DK yarn, it will pretty soon be wayyyyy too big to fit in your purse ! 🙂 It’s a big big shawl !

So here it is, and you should start knitting one too, because that Quicksilver from Mélanie Berg is an easy and safe project to knit for winter 🙂

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