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#KALmemePasFroid (not even cold), starts on January 22nd !

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Starting January 22nd, I launch a KAL : #KALmemePasFroid. Do you want to join me for this ?

In case you don’t know what a KAL is,  let’s sum up : it comes from “Knit-A-Long”,  well, let’s knit together !

A KAL is all about knitting the same pattern together (not with the same colours, it’s up to you) and all starting on a specific date.

It’s not a speed knitting contest, it’s more about knitting together a project that we love, but also a way to help and support each other on a project because sometimes, it’s just tough to keep going (especially on a sweater !) 😀

So here we are, I want to start a KAL on January 22nd 2018. And I’ll call it #KALmemePasFroid (“not even cold”, in French) 🙂

But for which pattern ?

Since I knitted my pretty  ARBOREAL sweater, I felt in love with fair isle and lopi style sweater, and so I’m willing to start my little own collection of sweater. They are warm, cozy, and colorful !

After a rapid search on Ravelry, I’ve found this  free pattern,  DERRAVARAGH-LOPAPEYSA from Richella Dungan (here are some photos by her of her sweater)

Are you interested ? If so, please join me in  #KALmemePasFroid ?

Free pattern is available here on the designer Ravelry profile, and we all start to knit it from January 22nd.

Of course, if you are on social media, please, use #KALmemePasFroid so that we can find you, and your photos of your knitting, but also compare our color choice for this project !


I havn’t picked my colors yet, but I should put some thoughts on this quite quickly, tic tac tic tac, it’s almost the start of  KALmemePasFroid ! 🙂

Are you in ?

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