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Herbarium shawl, knitting lace leaves

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Herbarium, only that name opens plenty of dreams.

Are you also imagining wild grass everywhere, and feeling the tickles and its scratching on your legs while trying to walk your way through a secret garden ?

Or maybe, you visualise a pretty open book full of dried flowers and mysterious plants ?

Yep, that word, herbarium, is a pretty one, and that’s why I wanted to knit that shawl.

And also because at that time, I had the perfect color name to knit that with :

“Chartreuse” (it’s the name of a very delicious liquor, made by monks, with wild plants)

And so, Herbarium, to me, means grass and plants, and so, “chartreuse”

(can you feel its flavor in your mouth now ?) 🙂

I needed 2 skeins of “Chartreuse”, for this project. A hand-dyed yarn, en 100% merino 25% nylon

A pair of needles 3mm (US 3), and LET’S KNIT THIS !

I am so addicted to knitting lace shawls, and this Herbarium made me very happy ! 🙂

Drinking my favorite herb tea from  Happy Plantes (I recommend “l’entrepreneur”), this knitting project was easy on my needles 🙂


My little assistant was kind of busy trying to kill my knitting purse, but I managed to keep working on my herbarium. 🙂


And then, a little while before finishing this shawl, I spent time with my friend  Alexandra, who felt in love with that color.

So no need to think any longer, I’ll knit that shawl for her !

And I remember that I had an intense last weekend knitting to finish it in time, in order to block it on Monday, before seeing her on Tuesday. Intense !

I guess this Herbarium shawl is part of the big gang of the “project you love so much you cannot stop knitting ’til the end, even if you end up finishing it very very late at night”.

No sorry, I just cannot wait tomorrow, just a few more rows and I’ll be done with it.

(you know what I’m talking about, don’t you ?) 🙂

And so, of course, this is Alexandra, posing wearing it, to show you how it looks like once finished 🙂

I really love the lace part !

And in terms of size, this seems perfect for her shoulders too.

What a great knitting project it has been, I really love the result, and these leaves are precious !

What do you think ? Herbarium or not herbarium ?

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    19/09/2017 at 6:21 am

    This is really pretty; I love lacy leaves! Yes, Herbarium.

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