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Growing Leave shawl

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Growing leave shawl is a pattern for knitters. It only requires one skein (425m of yarn)

Both covering and lacy, what’s even better with it is that it’s a FREE PATTERN (you’ll find it here).

I’ve knitted it twice, and each time I messed up with the correct amount of stitches, but it’s fine, I still like it.

For this project, I’ve picked 2 different colors of yarn, hand-dyed by me : “Schtroumpf bronzé” (tanned smurf 🙂 ), and “Ecureuil Glouton” (glutton squirrel), you’ll find them  in my shop on line

(watch out, as usual, my dyed skein are all in limited edition : if you like them, don’t wait and buy it since I will not reproduce exactly the same color) 🙂


Growing leaves shawl is made of stockinet stitch and a central lacy part, and then another lace border at the end. It’s quite easy to knit even if I have to confess that the transition to the lace border was quite a pain for me, since I didn’t have the same amount of stitch as in the pattern.

On that shawl pattern, increases are made at the beginning and end of each row, but also at the beginning and end of the lacy central part, so if you mess up with you stitch count and don’t have the same amount as mentionned on the pattern, good luck trying to match everything together when you start the lace border 🙂





And in the end, with only one skein, I find this shawl pretty big, with a lovely texture. Let me show these 2 Growing leave in photos :


So tell me, which one did you like best ? tanned smurf or glutton squirrel ? 🙂



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