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Fragrant Liatris shawl – in camel and silk yarn

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Fragrant Liatris, or the story of “another shawl on my needles” !


In 2017, I’ve decided to feel good about my passion for lace shawls, and will not prevent myself anymore from knitting one, or feel guilty for  not diversifying my blogpost topics. Fragrant Liatris is now on my collection of knitted shawl.

I thought it would be bigger, but actually, it’s big enough to stand on my shoulders and cover me, but also big and pretty enough to parade like a superstar, with a little black dres 🙂

For this project I used 1 skein and half of “Lipstick”, 50% camel and 50% silk yarn. This yarn is shiny, soooooooooo crazy soft, and camel yarn keeps you warm, no wonder it’s my favorite yarn ! 🙂

(and it’s part of my hand-dyed yarn collection – find the camel and silk yarn here)

Pretty “easy” to knit, well, when you’re used to knit lace, I really loved this pattern (loved it so much that I felt sad when I finished it, behind the excitement of seeing it falling from my needles.

Here is the pattern for that pretty Fragrant Liatris lacy shawl

This time, you won’t see me on the photos, I’m tired of it, especially in winter, where it’s already tough enough to find a pretty place, not too sad to take photos of.

I believe Fragrant Liatris is all we need !


I’m such a fan of this yarn, you should try !


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