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Fox amigurumi

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I don’t crochet very often, so I’m even more happy to share here my last crochet project : fox amigurumi.

In my last post, I told you about #projetmagazine , willing to knit or crochet at least one pattern of each of the magazines I own.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to meet this goal, (I may throw my pile of magazine or give it to someone at some point), but what I’m already sure of, is that I’ve done at least one project !


And that’s a fox amigurumi. Actually, I crocheted 2 of them, so it’s double proud ! 🙂

We are in September, and all around me, among my friends, collegues, and people I know, there are plenty of pregnant women, and babies about to be born.

And I was willing to create a gift for 2 of them who knew each other. so I’ve decided to crochet a fox amigurumi.

I found the pattern on Issue #35 of Simply crochet :  “Henry J. Fox”, a fox amigurumi designed by Yan Schenkel.

I am not really good at following a pattern when it comes to crochet (actually, it’s probably also because I’m not willing to do so!), so I improvised a little bit, and it ends up… well… a bit different.


So here they are, crocheted in coton, with hook number 3.


I added a little overall, and for the 2nd fox, I didn’t really aknowledge how the shape of the ears could matter, and sew them differently. It finally look a bit more to a deer than to a fox but well, let’s not tell the baby who’ll receive this about it, ok? 🙂

It was a fun project, although a bit annoying in the end, because I wasn’t used to crochet this type of things anymore and really wanted them to look ok, since it was for babies. So I focus more than usual on details, and well, details are not my thing. 🙂


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