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Fern and Feather sweater, by Jennifer Steingass

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Doctor, I think I have a problem, I thought I was cured from knitting shawls, but actually, I think I’ve step into another addiction instead : knitting sweater ! 🙂

Oh, really ? What are your symptoms?

Well, first of all, I’ve knitted an Arboreal sweater, and now, I have a Fern & Feather  sweater from Jennifer Steingass, and I already feel like having a Telja sweater on my needles pretty soon 🙂

Yes, indeed, that seems like quite a lot is happening, I fear an epidemy in your wardrobe pretty soon. Show me that so that I can check !


Ok, I stop being silly and let me show you my  Fern & Feather sweater, I adore it, and I’m even prouder since I’ve knitted it in a bit more than 2 weeks, when it usually takes me about 3 to 4 weeks to knit a sweater ! 🙂

For this sweater, I used my dyeing test yarn (from my serie used for my Peacock shawl) in  50% merinos and 50% alpaca, and for the pattern around the neck, I took  “Iceberg”, 75%merinos and 25% nylon , hand dyed by me, like all the other yarn in my collection (available online)

Just like for Arboreal, this sweater was quite easy to knit : we start from the top, and the neck pattern, easy and fun to knit….


And then it’s like a Highway to knit, I even took it with me on a hike, in case I felt to knit a few rows while on a pause (but I didn’t, I just took the photo) 🙂



It turns out great, and fits me better than my Arboreal, since this time I exactly knew which size to pick when starting to knit it ! 🙂

I love it love it loooooooove it !!!

I havn’t wore it yet, but since Spring seems to really take its time to be around here, I know that my Fern and feather sweater will not retired in my closet yet ! 🙂

Doctor, should I be worried if as soon as I’ve finished knitting my Fern and Feather sweater, I already have another sweater on my needles ?


To be continued ….




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