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ARBOREAL sweater

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I ended 2017 perfectly, being done knitting my 2nd sweater (ever!) : the sweater ARBOREAL by Jennifer Steingass  (pattern available here).

It’s always a bit tough for me to start such a big project, because added to the search of the perfect color for a project, I also have to think strategically, in order to avoid go over all my stock of one dyed color and so empty a part of my shop on line.

I always dye in limited quantity, so a sweater, as big as it can be for me, means 3 or 4 skeins of 100g fingering/sock yarn (1200m of yarn). So it’s quite pointeless to knit something to show you the amazing color, if this color is not available anymore in stock. I always hesitate.

Waiting for my finances to get better and dye more, in a bigger quantity (for now, I’d rather dye more colors in small amounts), here is my pretty Arboreal sweater.

For this knitting project, I picked yarn from my friend SERAPHITA, and a skein of gradient dyed by me. This gradient is not available anymore in my shop : I pulled it away and will give it away to my next big clients, to thanks them for their big order. 🙂

SERAPHITA is a yarn  MADE IN AUVERGNE, from local sheep breeds :  Bizet and Noire du Velay, picked by Christelle, my wool dealer friend.

That’s actually her yarn that I used when launching my special color collection from Auvergne

(check colors  “Massiac”, “Brioude”, “Cantal”, and”Cezallier” :).

My only disapointement for this Arboreal sweater is that, in the end, I didn’t use enough pink yarn from my gradient to see the gradiation and variation in pink 🙁 Too bad….

We start by the neck part, and when beginning it I was afraid I’ve picked a too small size, and crossed my fingers (and needles), that it will be good enough. (for my my 1st sweater , myRAVELLO sweater was a bit tight, not what I like best when thinking about a sweater. In the end, my Arboreal is just perfect : quite large, just like I enjoy to wear sweaters.

Especially since the yarn I used is quite ‘rustic’ (yep, that’s the pretty name to say it itches a bit 😀 but it’s warrrrrrrmmmmm….) so wearing it directly on my skin was not an option, and having knitted it quite large was just perfect !


I started it in December, and finished it on December 25th. It was important for me : a present for myself, by me, a mix of meanings : local yarn from the new area I’m living in now, but also colors dyed by me. A sweater that tells also about my friendship with my friend Christelle (the wool dealer – I see her tomorrow and will show her my Arboreal sweater), but also about my love for this region. 🙂


And as usual, I took my knitting with me when I was going for a hike somewhere, to make sure a bit of these pretty landscapes were in my stitches 🙂


So there will be a bit of Cezallier and snow in my pretty Arboreal. and just like for the 1st sweater I knitted, the sleeves seemed endless to knit (especially since I realised I broke my 3.5mm needles, and had to improvise a solution for this)

This sweater was a patience challenge, and waiting for it to be finished after blocking was an extreme dose of impatience to deal with (but so needed !).

I have to say that I’m a huge fan of my sweater (so much that I may knit another one actually).


I waited for the snow to melt and Holidays to be over to go for another walk in the woods and take photos of my pretty sweater.

I will have to remember for next time to not go for a walk in the wood at nightfall, especially during hunting season. yes yes, this is me 100% here, wearing a sweater the same color of a wild boar, with leaves designed on it… yep, it scared me, so my photosession was quite fast to deal with. But who cares, that arboreal sweater is magnificent ! 🙂

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