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A XXL hearts shawl to wrap you with love

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Do you remember my little hearts shawl,  “Dreamy Valentine” from Ambah O’brien ?

My friend (her mum) told me how much her daughter loved it, and so I’ve decided to knit one for her too.

Because Virginie is an awesome  violonist,  who spread kindness and love all a21round her when she’s playing music, but also thanks to whom I did a beautiful photo documentary about her, when she was playing violin at the hospital.

For an entire year, we’ve been working together on this documentary, and for 3 months I went with her in pediatric intensive care in Clermont-Ferrand to take photos while she was playing music.

So in order to thanks her for that, I really wanted to cover her with hearts.

So once again, I used this pattern,  but this time, deciding to knit it with a bigger yarn, DK size and needle 4mm.

Still choosing my hand-dyed yarn, but in DK.

I’ve used a bit less than 7 skeins of 50g, so that’s for about 784m of yarn.

The first heart is always impressive when it appears on my needles 🙂

And the last row is always the most awesome one (even if you always wonder if you could have make it for another serie or hearts with the leftover yarn) 🙂

And here we are : it’s done !

I’ve sent it few days ago to my friend, hopefully she forgot that we talked about it earlier this summer.

I’ve played dead since, very busy by work, so hopefully she forget, and I hope she will love it !

Just before sending this in the mail, I went out with my friend  BridgetTricote and took photos of this.

And that’s when I realise that being tall like me is great. But if a shawl seems XXL for me with my 5’10 (1m78), it is even bigger for a smaller personn 🙂

and that’s so awesommmmmmmmmmme because she’ll have a double layer of hearts then ! 🙂

I didn’t count the amount of hearts on this shawl, but in that XXL size version, that’s a lot of hearts !

Enough to wrap her with love I guess 🙂

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