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A Wonderwoman wrap (knitting)

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There are knitting project that you see on the internet, knowing instantly it will end up on your needles.This Wonderwoman wrap was among them. I even dyed some specific colors for it, that’s how much I wanted to knit that project.

You can find the pattern for this Wonderwoman wrap here, it’s here and it’s a free pattern by Carissa Browning !


Despite the fact that I knew I wouldn’t wear it (these colors are not the ones I wear), I had to knit this 🙂

So I picked yarn from my indiedyer shop :

“Wonder red”  1n 75% SW merinos 20% nylon et 5% silver stellia

and one skein of  “Wonder yellow” 75% SW merinos 25% nylon

(yes yes, I know, my imagination was low to name this colors !) 🙂

Quite easy to knit, I’ve just been waiting for the beginning of the KAL launched by Petit Bout de moi to start it

(there is a topic about this KAL here on Ravelry ).

Easy technics, this Wonderwoman wrap is simple, just a bit long because of the stitches used.

So long that my assistant gave up in the process of knitting it !


But the good thing about this wonderwoman wrap, is that it’s so simple, that you can bring it and knit it wherever, especially when with friends.

So I managed to work on this in a week, during the bit of a time off in my  busy wedding photographer agenda.

The now famous photo of the last stitch. The most exciting one, and the one you make last for a little longer, just to enjoy the satisfaction of another achieved challenge. 🙂

The other satisfaction here was that I still have some yarn left over ! I thought it would be short and tough because I used bigger needles than on the pattern (5 US), but everything worked fine.

So that’s pretty cool ! 🙂

So here is now another shawl to my long collection of wrap and knitted shawl !

And what’s better to show you this one, than to go out in the wild, and admire the fantastic modern art sculpture, “Hydrosphère”, created by Alice and David Bertizzolo et the lac du Pêcher (in Cantal – central France).

That gives a bit of a sureal mood to this shawl, and I like it even better


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