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2017 – an extreme year

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Here we are, on the 31st of December 2017, and it’s time to reflect on this past year.

I cannot find the one I wrote last year on my blog, but since I’ve made some changes on the blog this year and rebuilt things from scratch, I may have erased it. So I read the one I wrote on my wedding photographer’s blog, to remember my general feelings last year and my hopes for this year 2017.

I’m about to say bye bye to 2017  with mixed feelings : I’m both really fed up with 2017, but also really scared by what’s coming up next in 2018.

And then, I read again my balance and hopes for 2017 and cannot help but notice that 2017 has been a year of extreme challenges, with very high ups and very low downs… A year I could sum up as a massive challenge that will, at least I hope, help me to stabilise and balance my life in 2018. 2018 will be all or nothing, let’s hope and work to get it all ! 🙂

In terms of knitting, 2017 will be remembered as the year of my big giant yarnbombing project in Ruynes en Margeride. My life has been focused on this 90% of the time, between January and June.

(I tell you all about this on the blog, here)

52 km of yarn knitted, 500 spiders, plenty of trees and fences covered with yarn. This project has been my biggest yarnbombing project and by very far, and I did it in solo, so let’s really say this was extreme ! 🙂

This achievement really get famous in my area, and has been a big source of satisfaction for me in 2017. It also allowed me to put my relationships in order. Friends, family and other people supposed to be important…. and those who actually weren’t and didn’t deserve the small amount of free time I had to spare. This was an interesting side effect, and I’m glad : my life is lighter and happier now 🙂

But in 2017, I also knitted, more than ever !

Everything is not on the blog (yet), but besides this yarnbombing project, I’ve also worked on :

  • 2 sweaters ! (yesssssss first sweaters for real !)
  • 3 pairs of mitains
  • 9 shawls, and not only small ones 🙂
  • 2 scarves
  • 4 hats
  • 1 cowl
  • and a pretty turtle

I am surprised by this list, I expected to be less long, so YEAHHHH ! 🙂

I’ll tell you more about my  Arboreal sweater, soon on the blog


But in 2017, I’ve also adored knitting lacy shawls.

I grasped that I should stop feeling pressured to diversify my knitting. Because actually, why should I ? yep, really 🙂

So let’s be clear here, next year, you’ll probably see plenty more lacy shawls on the blog 🙂

2017 in photos :  Tramelay,  Growing leaves,  Dreamy Valentine, and  Herbarium)

And Fragrant Liatris, not on the blog yet, but soon… I promise, sooon 🙂


In 2017, I also loved to knit my  Wonderwoman wrap (I don’t wear it though – but the knitting challenge was interesting)

and it’s matching mittens 🙂  

in 2017, I also crochet the pretty  Atuin  a birthday gift for my niece 🙂

In 2017, I kept dyeing, more and more yarn, and still love to dye sooooo much !!!!

I feel like you’ve been also more and more to enjoy my hand-dyed yarn and it makes me really happy 🙂

For my business, in 2017, there was 5 things that I want to remember :

  • I did my first Xmas market, in  Blesles…  It took me time to cross this box on my list, I was scared by this milestone, and needed to organise myself for it too.
  • I’ve launched a mini collection of hand-dyed local yarn, from a breed of sheep very local. Sheeps based in Auvergne. Have an oeil at the colors : MASSIAC, CANTAL, CEZALLIER, et BRIOUDE, in my shop on line  🙂
  • I’ve been mentionned in the Bullet Journal pour les tricopathes  (bullet journal for knitting addict) 🙂
  • I’ve finished this year launching a great partnership project  with the designer Mathieu Arnold. He created the pattern, I’ve dyed the yarn and launched knitting kits :  Kit TRAMELAY in my shop ! 🙂
  • But also, this year, I managed to combine business with pleasure ! As you know it, I’m a wedding photographer,  traveling all around France for weddings. Since I’ve launched WOOLA OOPS, I hoped I could plan knitting meetings here and there, before or after my weddings sessions, before I hit the road back home. And this year I managed to do so and meet some of you ! 🙂 I had a great time with some of you, knitting, chatting, and sharing together, among this, I met the les Pelotes Masquées a group of knitters in Lyon, and some others in France. I just can’t wait for the next season to start and meet more knitters 🙂
  •  :)check my instagram and Facebook  page for more dates 🙂

2017 hasn’t been easy at all, in all aspects of my life it has been extreme and challenging. I filter my contacts, had to face worrying health problems, scary  car accident and some other catastroph that lead me in big financial problems. 🙁

The end of the year is worrying, questionning, full of doubts, fears, and concerns, but if I have to focus on the positive, I’ll say that in the end, it will help me (at least I hope), to be more careful, in all aspects of my life.

2017 has also been full of kindness, besides all the things mentionned above, I also want to remember all the love and great moments spent together, when meeting you all, while working on these 2 activities of mine.

In 2017, besides this big yarnbombing project, and a very awesome wedding photography season, I also worked on a wonderful photo project with and about a violinist who plays music in pediatric intensive care hospital services. The project “Violon à l’hôpital”   has been among those who puts my guts out, but for the best 🙂

In 2017, I lived extreme moments, but the good ones have been really really good, so I can only end up on a positive note when thinking about it 🙂

For 2018, I want…

And here comes the letter to Santa, except that noones believes in Santa anymore… So let’s write a letter to myself, hoping to find the energy to achieve this.

Things have drastically changed in my personal life, at the end of this year 2017, I hope Spring will bring its dose of good news and a more balanced life, but if I have to tell the directions I want to give to WOOLA OOPS for 2018, I’ll say :

  • Dye dye dyyyyeee !!!!!! but first I really need to find the $$$ to buy a new stock of yarn, and that’s my actual challenge in fact. I’m so in need of new colors, new fibers, new collections, you don’t have  clue ! 🙂
  • Register to more fiber markets and fairs (hoping my application won’t be refused this time)
  • do some little yarnbombing attacks here and there, for fun.

But most of all :

Spinn more because in 2017 I havn’t done or improved much : I was so busy with my yarnbombing project and later on, in a hurry to knit to post more on my blog. I would love to spinn more and create some fiber mix that I have in mind, with colors too 🙂

But most of all, I want to design my own pattern ! If there is one priority for 2018, that will be it (besides finding the money to buy new yarn to dye)

I want to create so badly, to have my own designs, and tinker with yarn and my needles. I’m not fed up to follow patterns, but just like I’ve started to spinn yarn, I now want to add another step into the general process of what’s in between the animal and what I wear….

There won’t be that much steps left after that 🙂 (SHEEP SHEEP SHEEEEEEPPPPP ! 🙂 or actually ALPAGA !) 🙂


So here are my cards on the table. I hope you’ll have a wonderful end of yearn and I wish you my best for 2018 !


Let me end this post with a photo of one of my happiest moment of 2017 : I finally get to see the lavender fields in Provence this summer, while on my way to take photos of a wedding in Provence.

Yarn addict,I became a lavender addict with time, and this moment was just the perfect extasis, while living my 2 lives of a wedding photographer and a knitting and indie dyer addict 🙂

Let’s hope you and I will have plenty of moments as happy as this one, in 2018 !





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