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Daphne scarf

Daphne comes from greek language and means « bay tree » ( source 🙂 )

So there is no surprise if that scarf is full of leaves when you knit it ? 🙂

I love the name Daphne for girls, and it’s been a while I had this pattern in my Ravelry project list.

I also wanted to knit bigger yarn than the sock size used for my previous project. Chunky yarn feels good on my needles from time to time, it’s also easier and faster to finish a project.

That’s exactly what I needed !

I used my 10,5 US needles, and 3 skeins of my  hand-dyed yarn – -color « Colline », in 100% merino

(Hurry, it’s a limited edition and these days it’s for sale!).

as soon as I caked it, I started knitting :

New project ! (Couleur : "colline") #bulky #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #tricot #grosselaine

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And it feels good to knit chunky yarn ! After weeks knitting sock yarn, this project went fast !



and this is to be added to the fast project to knit.

The only « real » problem I had was to know when to stop (too short or too long ?)

But here is the results, once finished :


what are you into these days ? sock yarn of chunky one ?



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