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Atuin, a turtle in crochet

Atuin, is a turtle made in crochet with grannies. You can find the pattern here on Ravelry.

My friend Ginger made it a little while ago, and I felt in love with it and had to add this on my long list of patterns I wanted to make.

And then, comes my niece’s birthday in February (12), and that was a deadline long enough to find time to work on it, as a gift for her.

What’s good with that project is that it can use the rest of your stash, and all the ends of skeins you’ve used for other project. The turtle shell can be made in so many colors, for reflections and natural complicateness.

And I had plenty of small yarn leftover, after knitting and crochetin so much for this blog. 🙂

I could even crochet another one, in shades of blue and green, but I’m going to wait a little to consider this option.

So I took my crochet #4mm and my yarn :

Hey Stranger, Princess Rockstar, Ruby, Ze Patriot, Malabar Princess, et Moussaka 🙂

And let’s do this, for almost 3 weeks :


It’s quite simple (but tough at the same time), all you need is to join together hexagons, pentagons, octogons and some triangles too, one by one, after crocheting them, and then you’ll see the body of the turtle appear.

After making the 2nd piece, I understood I wouldn’t be able to crochet them together to join them : to tough for me, soe I’ve decided to pick another option : I’ll crochet each piece entirely (one after the other), and sew them together as it goes on the pattern. I just had to let my crochet away after creating each piece, and take a tapestry needle to join it to the rest of the body. I was long, but I have no regrets though. 🙂

This flowery patterns are pretty 🙂



This pattern is quite easy and very well explained and detailed, really, it’s worth the money you’ll spend on it : there are photos and very detailed explanations for each steps of the process.

I can testify that the only ennemy you’ll get there (and I’m guilty, officer) 🙂 is your brain : you could misread and mix octogons with pentagon or hexagon, and then, you’ll end up having a little trouble with one piece to join it to the rest of the work.

But I improvised something for it and it was easy as pie ! 🙂

and then comes the time to fill a brain (and I felt a bit like Frankenstein’s mother there) 🙂

Adding eyes, and staring at a turtle face 🙂

little back paws, and a shell border, and here we go, I was done !

I remember my friend Ginger, telling me that everything will look just very pretty and real once the border of the shell is added, and she was right !


(if you look a bit closer, you’ll see that mine is not really straight, but I like it anyway) 🙂

So here is my turtle, on it’s back, with paws up in the air ! (you can really see the flower patterns, I like it !) 🙂

and then on its belly, ready to chase a hare 🙂

Isn’t she pretty ???? I hope my niece will like it 🙂 🙂 🙂


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