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A Wonderwoman wrap (knitting)

There are knitting project that you see on the internet, knowing instantly it will end up on your needles.This Wonderwoman wrap was among them. I even dyed some specific colors for it, that’s how much I wanted to knit that project.

You can find the pattern for this Wonderwoman wrap here, it’s here and it’s a free pattern by Carissa Browning !


Despite the fact that I knew I wouldn’t wear it (these colors are not the ones I wear), I had to knit this 🙂

So I picked yarn from my indiedyer shop :

« Wonder red »  1n 75% SW merinos 20% nylon et 5% silver stellia

and one skein of  « Wonder yellow » 75% SW merinos 25% nylon

(yes yes, I know, my imagination was low to name this colors !) 🙂

Quite easy to knit, I’ve just been waiting for the beginning of the KAL launched by Petit Bout de moi to start it

(there is a topic about this KAL here on Ravelry ).

Easy technics, this Wonderwoman wrap is simple, just a bit long because of the stitches used.

So long that my assistant gave up in the process of knitting it !


But the good thing about this wonderwoman wrap, is that it’s so simple, that you can bring it and knit it wherever, especially when with friends.

So I managed to work on this in a week, during the bit of a time off in my  busy wedding photographer agenda.

The now famous photo of the last stitch. The most exciting one, and the one you make last for a little longer, just to enjoy the satisfaction of another achieved challenge. 🙂

The other satisfaction here was that I still have some yarn left over ! I thought it would be short and tough because I used bigger needles than on the pattern (5 US), but everything worked fine.

So that’s pretty cool ! 🙂

So here is now another shawl to my long collection of wrap and knitted shawl !

And what’s better to show you this one, than to go out in the wild, and admire the fantastic modern art sculpture, « Hydrosphère », created by Alice and David Bertizzolo et the lac du Pêcher (in Cantal – central France).

That gives a bit of a sureal mood to this shawl, and I like it even better


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